Welcome To NXHax [Read Carefully]

Hello Everyone,

I welcome you all to the NXHax.com a brand new community that offers free downloads to the multiple console games. NXHax is the sister site of NXBrew.com which is famous for Nintendo Switch downloads. So if you have a hacked Nintendo Switch console be sure to visit Nxbrew for latest games stuff.

The site is just launched 3 days ago there are a lot of content to pushed here. Currently, we are sticking only with the ZippyShare as our primary host for distributing game files. We are also looking into options of creating mirrors but at the moment focus is ZippyShare. If you want to know what ZippyShare and how you can grab the games files from NXHax be sure to visit this guide.

Furthermore, as we are new and its an open community for all we accept and appreciate if you have any good suggestions for us.

Thank you. Happy Downloading 🙂

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We appreciate the hard work you guys are doing. Keep doing the great work, you rock <3


thx mate for always upload fpkg for hen user


are these games need to be backported first before we can play it.?


6.72 is stable now?
I hope you post the method how to got it.

Ashish (Namaste from India)

You are great man Please please upload Street Fighter Arcade Edition and guns, gore and cannoli 2nd Part. Awesome work done by you


thanks a lot for this site, so helpful.
I’m enjoying RDR2 because of you guys.
thanks again

tanjiro 45454

First I should say that you are doing a wonderful work here , in fact it’s amazing , my suggestion to you is besides Zippyshare I hope and I wish you really start using Mega Service as an official service to your site like Zippyshare (the lifespan of files is longer in Mega and you can also have multiple accounts and import those files to them in case something happenes to other filesin other accounts )

tanjiro 45454

You’re damn right how could I forget that ? It’s seems Zippyshare the best of them all too bad the links got deleted after 30 days


Can you please upload cricket 19 for 6.72 console