The Surge 2 PS4 FPKG + Update 1.03

The Surge 2 PS4 FPKG

The Surge 2 PS4 FPKG is an action role-playing video game developed by Deck13 Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive.

On the way to Jericho City, your plane is shot down by a mysterious storm and crash-lands in the outskirts. You wake up weeks later in a derelict detention facility inside the city. Soldiers enforce Martial Law, robots are on a rampage, and a dark, expanding nanostorm looms over the cityscape. In a bid to survive, explore the sprawling, devastated Jericho City. Fight numerous, ferocious threats in brutal, unforgiving combat, slashing and tearing the limbs off your opponents to steal valuable equipment that will make you stronger – strong enough to face the most fearsome, imposing foes lurking in the city. With an expanded arsenal of weapons, armors, abilities, implants, and drones to build your character, and a bigger, more varied and more ambitious world, The Surge 2 challenges you to survive and unravel its hidden secrets.

Title: The Surge 2 PS FPKG
Release Date: Sep 24, 2019
Category: Action, Role Playing
Format: PKG
Required System Version: 6.50
SDK Version: 6.50


Region EUR [CUSA12567] [Version 1.0] [5.35 GB]

Text: Brazilian Portuguese English French German Italian Korean Polish Russian Spanish
Voice: English German

ZippyShare / Game Patch 5.05

Update 1.03 (No Patched) / Update 1.03 (5.05 Patched)

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