Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 FPKG + Update 1.17 + DLCs

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 PKG

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 FPKG is a 2018 action-adventure game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Marvel have teamed up to create an authentic Spider-Man adventure. This isn’t the Spider-Man you’ve met or ever seen before. This is an experienced Peter Parker who’s more masterful at fighting big crime in Marvel’s New York. At the same time, he’s struggling to balance his chaotic personal life and career while the fate of millions of New Yorkers rest upon his shoulders.

Title: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 FPKG
Release Date: Sep 07, 2018
Category: Action, Adventure
Format: PKG
Firmware: Jailbreak PS4 6.72


Region ASIA [CUSA09893] [Version 1.0] [36.6 GB]


Region EUR [CUSA11995] [Version 1.0] [48.0 GB] [Works on 5.05]

Text: Danish Dutch English Finnish Norwegian Polish Russian Swedish
Voice: Arabic English Polish Russian


ALL DLCs / Update 1.17

Region EUR [CUSA11993] [Version 1.0] [40.5 GB]

Text: Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Italian Norwegian Swedish
Voice: English French German Italian


Update 1.17 / Patch 5.05

Please report the broken/dead/missing links into the comment section.


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I can confirm this works on 5.05JB as well. Thanks a lot mr. uploader <3

Dr keno

can confirm EU version is GOTY work perfectly on 5.05 just make sure u r using the 2.1.2 HEN or higher

Installing order base game > update 1.17 > preorder > dlc 1 > 2 > 3

much thanks to the admin for the great effort




Where do you go to download it?


okay thanks.

Jose Incera

thanks, let us know 🙂

ArV DanTe

is this marvel spiderman goty include dlc?

ArV DanTe

okay,btw thanks you


thx u bro i start download now.. simple ! good

Srinivasan V

Link 14 Missing.

Srinivasan V

Thanks.. My mistake.



tanjiro 45454

Warning : Many users are reporting the game not saving at all and it needs an update.
There is a better version which is CUSA11995+ 1.05 patch
Confirmed to be working on 5.05 as well , please replace it by this one

Last edited 4 months ago by tanjiro 45454

The Eur version works on 5.05


While i try to apply the patch, it says an error occured. Base game working fine.


EUR version have French language ?


ok thanks


Is save game work fine on 5.05.
Thank you


Sir i am asking is it working?
please confrm


THANKS! Just one question could you please upload it on torrent as well?


Region ASIA [CUSA09893] work in 5.05? include español latino? gracias


Thank you!!


for eur version part38 and part53 links are not working, both are http://www.116zippyshare links, probably zippyshare 116 server has problem.
Can you reupload that two parts please?


Just for info Asia cant save data bro… it hve patch too like eur ?


Does anybody knows if backported games does work on 5.05 only, or also on 6.72? I´m asking because it would make less sense to get several 5.05 backported games now, if we update to 6.72 in a few days after stable jailbreak comes up and all games need to get donwloaded again…


Thats not how it works. If you were on 6.72 backported games would still work simply b/c 6.72 can play anything under its FW. Backported games aren’t exclusively to work on 5.05


dead link


part 53 in eur version plus some other parts in other PKGs as well


Is the save game work in 5.05.
thank you

tanjiro 45454

Does all backported games which are working on 5.05 works fine on 6.72 as well ? or we need to download other version again ?

tanjiro 45454

I don’t mean 5.05 , I mean those backported games in case a stable JB comes out next weeks and we move to it , will the games work on it fine too ?


descargado la version eur y no trae español, ni español latino, tampoco subtitulos, confirmo que funciona en 5.05 , gracias por el juego


need CUSA11993


bro plz reupload zippy link deleted

Region EUR [CUSA11995] [Version 1.0] [48.0 GB]


Ok now all smooth bro thx …


Dear Admin,Thank you for the game!

The EUR [CUSA11995] now has the 1.17 update with DLC.
Can you please add 1.17 update and DLC as well so game is complete!!!!!

tanjiro 45454

Admin please upload the GOTY edition it’s available now with all DLCs


Can you plz add Cusa11994 region


The Cusa11994 has spanish, if you add to the page, youll´be the first to upload actually, nobody can find that Cusa xD


dont have portuguese and spanish audio

John Donson

Just chiming in to confirm the EUR version with 1.05 update works fine on 5.05. Thanks a bunch, look forward to any other games that are backported from higher FW.


Missing link No.64


This is magnet link for Spiderman Game Of The Year Edition. It includes base game , pre-order dlcs, all 3 story dlcs and update 1.17 all of them backported to 5.05.
Install Base game then update 1.17 then preorder DLC then DLC 1 then DLC 2 then DLC 3. If you’re facing any kind of crash just spoof you’re firmware to 9.05, it works fine.
Please backport God Of War patch 1.33 for eur version CUSA7410. BTW great work waiting for more games and patches to be backported to 5.05.