Important Note Regarding Game PKG Errors + 5.05 Ports

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all will be enjoying the downloads and will also having some issues with the games PKGs. The reason to create this extra post is a lot of you are including my self are still on Firmware 5.05 and looking for stable Jailbreak for Firmware 6.72 (Already in works) because none of us want to have a non-stable hack on our PS4s.

To make things clear i have to come up with this thread. You all need to understand these new releases are mostly dumped at FW 6.72 and downpatching or making a patch requires a time. If i invest my time in making patches there will be very less new releases on NXHax. Because an average PS4 with 30+ GB file size requires around an hour to make patch even on SSD process is not that simple. So either you all should make patch for yourself or wait until someone share. Please do not flood the comments area with request of downport patch.

Also think if we downpatched or downported the base game and after update to 6.72 it crashed or didnt install what we will do? Do we have to reinstall these games again after updating to 6.72 due to the modifications? or these downports will simply work? do anyone of you have answer to these questions?

So please allow me to update site with recent releases and let the patching work done by others. I will be keeping my eyes to the down port patches and i will be adding them but try to understand my situation + not every game down port is possible. So let me invest time in recent releases so everyone gets happy either its 5.05 or 6.72.

I hope you all understand my concern. Let me know your thoughts in comments. Thank you.

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Thanks for your effort and I fully understand you. Really appreciate your time to do this


we appreciate it anyways ♥♥♥ because you already cracked the games for FW 6.72 so i guess we have to be patient for it to become more stable.



Do what needs to be done, bro. you are not to be blamed for those erros

Just when you get the time for future patches; dont forget us FW 5.05 users 🙂


I’m sure in the near future a more stable 6.72 hack will be made, making the need to downport useless.

So I’m going to wait the ride. Its a lot of work for something that is a temp situation 🙂

tanjiro 45454

You are right , please keep up the good work

John Donson

Much appreciated for the effort. I was thinking a few of the same thoughts as far as updating to 6.72 once a more stable method is around. I was curious on games higher than 6.72 though, and even 7.02+ (but I assume those aren’t capable because there’s no kernel exploit higher allowing to dump games etc). As well as when people go from 5.05 -> 6.72 , are these backports going to need replaced with 6.72 versions, or there might be a chance they’d work because it’s a lower FW (maybe the method/process interferes with that ability). Either way, I agree it’s more time efficient to just get the 6.72s for now as they’re going to be wanted regardless. Then maybe once a good chunk are up, the more popular ones can be backported. I’d gladly give it a go with trying my hand at backporting, I’ve skimmed over the process, doesn’t seem too difficult, I’ve been able to compile a working project in Unity and install on PS4 with the 4.5 sdk, so that shouldn’t be too much harder. Either way, a big thanks on the time spent doing all that.


5.05 patched update pkg’s are more reasonable to use since the base game isn’t tampered with. I have yet encounteted any errors using them and they all came from that Russian site.


thanks a lot man,
waiting for new games, either they backported or not.
keep them coming 😍😁

Eslam Mohamed

Thanks for your effort and I fully understand you. Really appreciate your time to do this