How To Download ZippyShare Files

Welcome to your ultimate resource for downloading PS4, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS and other console games. At NXHax we are only adopting ZippyShare as primary host for now. In future we might add some other filehost to but at the moment focus is only ZippyShare.

Why ZippyShare?

Its a well known and trusted file host from years.


  • Clean Design
  • No Captchas
  • Unlimited Speeed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • One Click Download
  • Multiple Downloads


  • Few Bizzare Ads
  • Max Upload File Size Upto 500 MB Only
  • Might Be Blocked In Some Regions

How To Download Multiple Parts @ Once?

As you have seen the above pros and cons of using ZippyShare you might have an idea that its a good and trusted host. To begin with the download you can always have a 3rd party downloader which will save your time and clicks in downloading those multiple 500 MB files. To bulk download Zippyshare links you must use JDownloader a 3rd party application for various platforms.

Visit the JDownloader platform and choose your desired platform to use this 3rd party app. JDownloader is supported by various platforms

Once JDownloader is installed open the app and add your all ZippyShare links. It will create a package of the game downloads the part one by one in deafult/suggest drive location. See the below picture for reference.

Once package is successfully loaded click on Top left PLAY button to just right click on the package and click start download. See below picture for further refrence.

As you can see without waiting much its downloading multiple files at once with maximum download speed.

Hope this clears the idea of using ZippyShare links for NXHax. I hope you enjoy your stay here and love all the great downloads.

Happy Downloading 🙂

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